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(Endnote 1) However, there is still no Australian legislation to allow same-sex marriage or legal recognition of same-sex marriages performed overseas.

The number of same-sex couples in Australia counted in the Census has risen significantly in recent years, with a 32% increase in the five years since 2006.According to the ABS National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, homosexual people are less likely than heterosexual people to be living with a partner: in 2007, 28% of people who reported they were homosexual were living in a couple relationship compared with 58% of people who reported they were heterosexual. People in same-sex couples tended to be younger than people in opposite-sex couples.The median age of people in a same-sex couple was 40 years compared with 48 years for people in opposite-sex couples.More than three-quarters of people in same-sex couples (76%) were aged less than 50, compared with 54% of people in opposite-sex couples.Only 3% of people in same-sex couples were aged 65 or more, compared with 17% of people in opposite-sex couples.

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In opposite-sex relationships, the average age gap between the older and the younger partner was 3.7 years.

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