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Just add up to 3600 seconds of randomness; it's not that urgent.Personally, I rather like Google Chrome's approach.Never underestimate the laziness of a user because when their program doesnt work anymore because they are no longer supported, you will get flooded with help desk calls later.The time will either come from development (#2) or support (#1).The latest version of this topic can be found at How to: Check for Application Updates Programmatically Using the Click Once Deployment API.Click Once provides two ways to update an application once it is deployed.You shouldn't create unnecessary startup entries to check for updates like Adobe Flash Player (it's hard to track them all down, and I can't figure out a way to disable the checks...) or i Tunes. A better option would be to check for updates at application startup like Firefox does. Just be sure to include a option: I personally came to appreciate applications that do something similar to the Sparkle framework.

If it's a security update then that's understandable, but a normal user closes and re-opens a program at least once a day if not more, so why not install it in the background, let the user run the program using the older version in memory, and then when they restart it use the new version that was installed.Also around security, you need local administrator access to install, what if you don't have it?In later versions of Windows, you cannot just override the person's security.A base directory with a launcher, and subdirectories for each installed version of the software.The launcher just looks for the highest version number and uses that and deletes older versions as needed.

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No fuss, no [email protected] S: that's not possible on Windows (cannot overwrite executable files that are running) and even on Linux it's not a particularly good idea (if you open another instance, you'll have one running the old code and one running the new code -- if there's any IPC happening, it's even worse)From experience: if you check for updates, don't have your program do so daily at midnight or 3PM.

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