Dansk dating side Lolland

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Dansk dating side Lolland

The primary sources on which these two generations are based have not yet been identified, except as otherwise indicated below.

The information in the later generations of the Europische Stammtafeln chart is not completely supported by the information obtained from the primary sources so far consulted.

Considerable doubt persists about the precise relationships between the 9th century Danish rulers.

Regino records the marriage in 882 of "Gisla filia Hlotharii" and "rex Godofridus Nordmannorum", she was the daughter of Duke Godefrid & his wife Gisela [Carolingian], which is presumably a guess based on this description in the Vita Mathildis. Regino records the marriage in 882 of "Gisla filia Hlotharii" and "rex Godofridus Nordmannorum".

If this couple's daughter was the mother of Queen Mathilde, the latter's estimated birth date (see below) would need to be pushed forward by several years, which makes the chronology for her known descendants tight.

However, during the second half of the 9th century the picture becomes much less clear.

As will be seen in Chapter 1 of this document, little is known about some of the late 9th century kings beyond their names.

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A better fit for the wife of Theoderich may be Regenlind, [sister of Bovo Bishop of Chalons, daughter of ---].

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