Dating sim tutorial pisces man dating pisces man

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Dating sim tutorial

The Canvas is a great tool that Unity has given us to help with scaling different to different resolutions for things like phones and other screens that have different resolutions.The Canvas is going to hold our UI objects, and along with the Event System object, control our UI objects.The big grid image you see in the middle of the screen is your Scene view.This is where you’ll normally arrange things in the game, such as characters and objects.Using the mouse you can move around in the scene view.For now I’m going to assume you know the basics of scene view movement.This should make the scene view compress the z or front and back axis. If you look to the left there should be a tab called Hierarchy that contains a Main Camera and a Directional Light.

If you’d like a more in-deepth look at the basics I recomend checkout out Unity’s documentation.All Game Objects contain Components that tell the Game Object what to do or how to function inside the game.Components are modules such as scripts or renderers that give instructions to the Game Object.We are going to be using Unity’s UI system to show are background, text, and decision buttons.Now we are going to add our first Game Object to our scene.

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You can see and download the games source code on Github.