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Some limited themselves to two or three wealthy clients and others hired themselves out as the amusement at a men’s gathering serving one night as a musician or dancer and another night as a witty conversationalist but most offered some combination of services whereby they welcomed a variety of men into their homes during the day and attended men’s banquets at night.

While not averse to hard work itself, Athenian men took a very dim view of a long term commitment to a single employer for a regular wage, the sort of thing we might today call a job, likening it to slavery.

Some of these women wore shoes that pressed the words “follow me” into the hard packed sand that served as pavement in parts of the city.

Brothels varied considerably in quality and some women got to entertain repeat customers and perhaps pick up tips in addition to the fee paid to the brothel owner.

With no professional sports or television to watch and no movie theaters to visit, men relied on get-togethers with friends for their entertainment.To be truly free it was necessary to own one’s own business, and if that was not feasible to contract out for a specific term and a specific project as a means of avoiding dependence on another man.What some today refer to as the security of a long term job was akin to slavery to Athenians, who preferred the freedom to move from one assignment to another without feeling tied to a single source of income.Men did not marry until they were thirty or so and with such little opportunity to see let alone chat with respectable citizen women outside their immediate family, it is perhaps understandable that prostitution was an important part of their life, and the many men who came without families from the various Greek colonies to seek employment in prosperous Athens helped to make the sex trade a major industry.An often quoted maxim warned men not to squander their inheritances with too many visits to a brothel, but prostitution was legal and morally acceptable, and the concern was with the diminution of the estate not with the way it was done.

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Building Z in the Kerameikos (a section of Athens located northwest of the Acropolis) was built and rebuilt several times and in its third phase (late Fourth Century BCE) probably served as a tavern and brothel, as attested by the hundreds of drinking and eating vessels and the many loom-weights discovered inside.

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