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They are actually not able to get what they demand so they choose wrong way.

Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon is a kick on minds that what our politicians are doing they hire some of youngsters who get ready to do everything for the sake pf money without knowing what they are actually doing. Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon is a great novel by Asia Mirza.

It forces her to go through the journey of self-discovery when her husband preferred an ugly woman upon her beauty.

It is a story that involves the elements of spiritualism and philosophy and describes the journey of self to subsistence.

She is an astonishing writer and the writing comes to her as natural as breathing.

She has attracted the large crowd of readers with her great publications.

She began the career of her writing at the age of 22 in 1988 with the initial stories in Urdu monthly digests.

She has written many books that range from complete long novels to the compilation of short stories and she has made much respect in the heart of thousands of readers and fans.

But the added Falak tries to get to apperceive Salman better, the added he distances himself from her until he assuredly succumbs to her wishes – but to what avail? Accent and adore an actual adventurous adventure in your own language.Another very important thing which is describe in the novel Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon by Asia Mirza is our youth is going on in the wrong way to become known personality and rich in days.They totally forget the sense of evil and good they just doing the thing which are very charming near to them.Asia Mirza’s novel Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon, Complete Novel Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon, Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon, Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon by Asia Mirza, full novel Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon, Online Read Complete Novel Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon, Read Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon in fine printing., Read Online Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon Dil Ik Shahr-e-Junoon is an interesting novel by Asia Mirza.Writer Asia Mirza has wrote many other novels too famous are “Kuj Menu Maran Da Shauq Vi Si” and “Dil Darya Sumandroon Dhoongy”.

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She fell in love with a boy after seeing him in her friend’s wedding ceremony.