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Ryan dunn dating

" Van Sant asked Robinson."She thought she was," she replied. she didn't really like to let things go."It was a side of Shayna that Ryan would come to know all too well.

Robinson says back in high school, Shayna also had a real flair for the dramatic when it came to boys."If a guy, like, broke up with her or something or if a guy just said they weren't interested in her she would take it pretty hard," she explained. Shayna went to school in Lexington, more than 80 miles away from Ryan's condo in Highland Heights.

" Van Sant asked."I thought she was, close to genius, in myopinion.

"Not just a friend, but a loving son, a protective, adoring older brother.""He had three younger sisters that he absolutely adored," Herren continued.

12, 2012, when his close friend, Ryan Poston, was killed."I think about him every day," Herren said.

"You don't think something like that is ever going to happen to someone you know.""Is there something I could've done that could've prevented that?

And I know a lot of people in his life had to have felt the same way," Herren told "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant.

How did things spiral so out of control between Ryan and his girlfriend, Shayna Hubers, that she shot him to death -- insisting it was to protect herself?

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