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Updating centos

If you boot into the new tree and determine that something is wrong, you can invoke .One of the major goals of the OSTree project is that operating system content should be versioned and integration tested together.The work around can be find in the instructions below.If you have completed the workaround, you can check that by using the following commands: (there is left, and the kernel plus package is installed).default) repositories as the only method of installing software works most of the time.I say most of the time because depending on WHAT software you have installed from those standard repositories, various things still fail.Final Thoughts This is the right way forward for Cent OS.

Unlike traditional operating system update mechanisms, it will automatically keep the previous version of the OS, always available for rollback. By default, you always have a previous tree (an operating system snapshot) installed.It’s pretty obvious that this is something entirely new for the Cent OS maintainers and like anything else, is going through growing pains.Let’s ignore all this for now and walk through the official process of completing the upgrade. On a freshly installed and then updated to latest version copy of Cent OS 6.5, you run a program that will scan your system and determine what your upgrade status is (called the Preupgrade Assistant).Strangely enough, this particular process does nothing other than let you know of problems that might come up during the upgrade.It neither performs the upgrade nor helps you mitigate any of the issues that it finds.

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Given that, here is a quick list of upgrades that are likely to fail (all have failed in multiple ways for us): So what does work?